Studio Hours

10am-9pm EVERY DAY

  • AM session: 10am-3pm

  • PM session: 4pm-9pm

  • 2-day minimum for weekend booking

  • Cleanup is a part of the session; everyone helps


WITH ENGINEER             $500/DAY $300/HALF DAY

DRY HIRE            $300/DAY $175/HALF DAY


  • Community Rates apply to most independent and DIY projects, and to 501(c)3 non-profits.

  • We are equipped to track large ensembles simultaneously, efficiently, and with excellent isolation. Jazz, classical, and other live performances can be captured in a half- or full day, and mixed the following day. Most EP-length demos or foundation tracking sessions for rock and roll LPs can be completed in two days. While it is possible to track and mix a full rock or pop record in three days (or less), it is smart to budget for at least four. Five if there are many overdubs or detailed arrangements. We work as fast as you can. Rehearse.

  • We look forward to training guest engineers who are learning large-format analog. We can also set up simplified signal paths to accommodate folks who are most comfortable in the box. The best workflow is the one that’s right for you.

Limited financial assistance is available for extremely low-income musicians, with priority going to Black, Brown, and queer community projects. This is made possible by our Standard Rates, below.


WITH ENGINEER           $600/DAY $350/HALF DAY

DRY HIRE            $400/DAY $225/HALF DAY


  • Standard Rates apply to most label- or broadcast-sponsored projects, and some self-funded projects. For self-funded projects, please offer to pay Standard Rates if your combined income allows. This structure enables us to offer financial assistance to extremely low-income musicians.

  • We welcome touring acts, and can accommodate rehearsal-only Dry Hire or a session on an off day. Our backline is comprehensive.

  • Guest engineers are encouraged to visit in advance of the session. Ask us for equipment details. Patch sheets are available. Wiring is color-coded and routing is straight ahead, but it’s a large space with many resources, so a Setup Assistant is highly recommended.

  • Outside engineer referrals are available. Experienced freelancers charge $250-400/day.

  • Please inquire for corporate rates and special accommodations.

We reserve the right to refuse service to companies or employees of companies which have contributed to the Bay Area housing crisis.



STREAMING $150 $250 $450 $650 $40

VINYL PREMASTER $200 $300 $500 $700 $50

LOUDNESS WAR $250 $350 $550 $750 $75

LOUDNESS + VINYL $300 $400 $600 $800 $100

CASSETTE add-oN† $25 $50


* If you would like a Test Master prior to booking, $25 of this fee may be credited to the resultant session. The Test is delivered as a 320k VBR mp3, may be edited for concision, and fades out early.
Direct to Super Chrome for short-run DIY duplication. Duplication houses require digital masters.

  • We are happy to review your mixes prior to submission, and can provide constructive criticism upon request. This is a free, and thus brief, service.

  • Mixes may be submitted on 1/4” or 1/2” tape, or in any digital format. We can master straight from 4- or 8-track cassette as well. Please let us know if you would like your analog-summed or in-the-box digital mixes transferred to tape as part of the mastering process. Submissions must include full titles, album order, song spacing, and fade notes. Please plan to attend your session if we are doing crossfades, stem mastering, or similar creative processes.

  • Streaming Masters and Vinyl Premasters are most common for modern projects. They maintain an average level of -16 to -12dB, and may be gently peak-limited. Vinyl Premasters are ready to cut to lacquer, metal, or short-run media, and may also be used for streaming.

  • Loudness War masters are for submission to radio stations and CD duplicators, or to maintain consistency in a digital library. They maintain average levels of -9 to -7dB, may be firmly peak-limited, and require specialized EQ and compression.

  • Mastering sessions are booked with a 50% non-refundable deposit, and may be rescheduled with total flexibility. Please give as much advance notice as possible if rescheduling is necessary. Once we’re under way, complete your payment when you like, but we can not release 16- or 24-bit masters until payment is complete. Versions can be sent as 320k VBR mp3 if need be. Revisions are included within reason.

  • See Booking Policies (below) for payment options.

  • Please inquire about last-minute availability.

  • Room rental (Dry Hire rate) required at time of booking. Room rental is non-refundable, but your reservation may be rescheduled with total flexibility. Please give as much advance notice as possible if rescheduling is necessary.

  • Cash, check, or wire transfer are preferred for booking. Venmo and Square Cash also work. PayPal requires specific settings to be fee-free, but is fine if set up correctly. We can also swipe credit cards or take PayPal drawn from a debit or credit card, but we have to add the 3.3% service charge.

  • Engineers are paid directly by the client, prior to the end of the session. If cash is impossible, please ask your engineer in advance how they would like to be paid. Assistants may only be paid in cash, and tipping is considerate.