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From Demo to Master, We've Got You Covered

Survivor Sound is a complete music production service.  We are equipped to multitrack in the studio, practice space, venue, or secluded cabin of your choosing. We love tape, are just as comfortable using computers, and are experienced in guiding you through the entire recording and mixing process. We can even master your songs when they are finished.


Let's Rock

Tell us about your project! We can assist with timelines, goals, and budgeting. Craft your sound with our expert staff or bring your own engineer; we are here to help you make the records that you want to make. 

Studio Gear

  • Large-format analog console
  • 2" 24-track recording deck
  • 1/2", 1/4", and cassette stereo decks
  • High quality converters
  • Mastering-grade monitors
  • Tube & solid-state microphone preamps
  • Real tape delay & spring reverb
  • Comprehensive outboard EQ & compression
  • Microphone complement from mild to wild
  • Classic studio keyboards
  • Custom guitar & bass amplifiers
  • Unique pedals & studio toys

Mobile Rig

  • Studio-quality preamps
  • Dedicated mid/side conversion
  • High end converters
  • Professional monitoring
  • Isolated mic splitter & stage snakes
  • Mics, stands, accessories as needed