In 2005, drums began bouncing off of concrete and plaster in a live/work warehouse on 24th Street. Evolving into Shipwreck Studio in 2008, we welcomed a diverse cross-section of Bay Area independent artists. We acquired wood floors and spartan acoustic treatment in 2012, and musicians came to know Shipwreck as a welcoming environment to make records efficiently and inexpensively.

Displaced from West Oakland in 2015, we searched relentlessly for the right space to put down roots. By early 2018, a long term deal was struck to rent the East Oakland space known as Freeway Recording in the ‘70s and ‘80s. After a full year of preparation, in March of 2019, we opened the doors to one of the most balanced tracking rooms in the Bay Area.

Despite the Herculean task of opening a new space, our mission remains the same after a decade: to offer no-nonsense creative recording services to the Bay Area music community at very affordable rates.

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Shipwreck Studio 2008-2015

Jonah built a god damn studio in the void that once was a living room. Why? Because the room sounded good, and he was obsessed enough to do it.