Mobile Recording

Our job is to get your music tracked, regardless of location. Our comprehensive mobile rig can handle whatever and wherever you play.


Are you most comfortable playing in your practice space? We have years of experience tweaking these sheetrock-and-carpet bunkers into appropriate recording spaces that yield remarkably profession results, using careful baffling, isolation, and mic placement.


We have recorded some of our favorite records live. We typically split the signal coming off of the stage microphones and instruments, using our preamps to capture pure audio right from the source. We work hand-in-hand with the venue to handle all the details, ensuring there are no surprises day-of-show. Tracking can be remarkably inexpensive, especially when multiple acts split the recording cost at a single show. We are also open to travel, and the mobile rig is always tour-ready.

Hit the road

Feel like a vacation? Know a sweet spot in the wilderness that has high ceilings and the right vibe for creativity? Let's get out of town for awhile and make a record. We are experienced recording in a wide variety of rooms, and will make sure your music is best represented in whatever space you choose to record.

See the gear we've squeezed into our Mobile Rig package

Recorded at the Church of Divine Illumination in Oakland.

Recorded in the band's practice space at Secret Studios in San Francisco