We can mix your record regardless of how it was tracked. Raw live takes, polished studio masterpieces, or a single mic in a practice space — we achieve superb and unique results.


There is nothing like an analog mix, and we provide the tools to capture your band with the magic of magnetic tape. We don’t charge for tape rental, so you can focus on performance and not how to afford that beautiful analog sound  Our workhorse outboard gear selection is ready and waiting to help you get the sounds you need.


Digital mixing is advantageous for its repeatability and accuracy. We have ProTools, Logic, Ableton, and comprehensive plugin sets from Universal Audio, Waves, and others. We begin digital projects by laying the tracks out on a timeline and applying album-wide treatments, then we split off individual songs to custom-tailor the sonics and run song-specific automation.


We can mix your tracks into a viable stereo master no matter where or how they were recorded; just bring in your hard drive or send us your files.  If the sounds are a bit sterile, we can warm up certain elements on our Ampex MM1200 2" deck. We can help you with final overdubs, reamping, delay and reverb choices, and make sure everything sits in that sweet spot in the mix.

Tighten it uP

We do a lot of touch-ups here, and take great care to present instruments clearly, no matter how gnarly the tone.  Bring in that perfect take that was captured in less-than-ideal tracking conditions; we can make it work. We subtly employ de-noising, gating, and performance editing, so your listeners will never know.

We do not do drum replacement or vocal tuning unless it is both necessary and requested.